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About Cadent Rose Crafts

Cadent Rose Crafts was born from a love of crafting and a lack of wall space

From a young age, Stacy has had a love of crafting, painting, and making things. Through a lot of trial and error, she has found the things that she is good at making (and the ones she isn't so good at), and found a love for making jewellery, dreamcatchers and body products.

Customised pieces are also a lot of fun and a great opportunity for Stacy to try something a little bit different, and add to the well of inspiration. She is continually creating, trying new things and refining her skills.

Her daughter Azalea has also been given the creativity gene, and enjoys crafting herself (although the kitchen seems to be her favourite place to make things!)

What are we doing to reduce waste?


Cadent Rose Crafts is committed to providing a product that is not only good for your skin but also good for the environment.

  • From April 1, all paper products offcuts will be used to make handmade seed paper, which will then be used for as many paper crafts as possible (wrapping soaps, making thank you notes for orders etc)

  •  We reuse boxes for sending our packages. Don't worry, your address will be clear and get to your door with no issues (except the slight disappointment that it isn't cookies).

  • Found and 'scrap' pieces of ribbon, rope, feathers, string are used in our products and packaging (gift ribbon, flower wrapping, offcuts, etc.)

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